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villas santorini

Santorini is the most extraordinary island in the Aegean. You sail into a strange, enclosed sea, shut off by the Burnt Islands. The volcanic cliffs of Santorini are red, brown or greenish surmounted by a string of white villages. It is rather like a model of a monster's jaw made by some infernal dentist; a sinister and alarming place, like nowhere else.

You can find luxury villas Santorini, cheap villas, villas on the beaches, spa villas Santorini and any kind of villas which you want.

The beauty of Santorini must depend on light and line; there is hardly any vegetation apart from vines, and the vocanic earth has no charm of color, unlike the earth and rock of the limestone islnads. Yes it has a strange and uncanny fascination of its own. It has rightly been called the black pearl of the Aegean.

Santorini is very famous destination in Greece with a variety of Villas Santorini

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